Jake Seal Photography

My name‘s Jake Seal, I‘m a freelance photographer currently based in Milton Keynes, England. I‘ve been shooting professionally for over 10 years now, most of which is interiors and still life photography, working in studio and on location for commercial clients around the UK. If you’d like to see some of my commercial work then go to www.jakesealphotography.com

I‘ve set this site up as an outlet for the photography I do in my own time, where there has been no client, no brief, just me and my camera and whatever I find to shoot. Growing up in Torquay, I left school and began a photography course around the same time I’d bought my first skateboard. These two interests turned into an obsession, and to this day I still enjoy shooting skateboarding whenever I can. I also enjoy travelling, be it abroad or around the UK, and wherever I go I like to take various film cameras to document some of what I see.

This site is somewhere for me to show these images. Shots which otherwise might sit in a neg file or on a hard drive rarely to be viewed. The majority of the skate shots are digital, whilst most of the people and places images are shot on film.

If you have any questions, comments or enquiries then feel free to get in touch.